Milk and Honey - Rupi Kaur

Poetry is a genre that can fall by the wayside for most readers, but thanks to Rupi Kaur and her Instagrammable debut 'Milk and Honey', that's all changed. 

Let's have the blurb, shall we?
This is the journey of
surviving through poetry
this is the blood sweat tears
of twenty-one years
this is my heart
in your hands
this is
the hurting
the loving
the breaking
the healing

The Blonde Bookworm review:

Before Rupi Kaur, I never thought poetry could penetrate my emotions quite so deeply. Whilst I had been affected by Carol Ann Duffy's chilling 'The World's Wife', I never resonated with a poem in the way I did whilst devouring 'Milk And Honey'. And I know I'm not alone.

The poetry book is split into four sections, each of them as tender, personal and deeply affecting as the next. From the opening verses within 'the hurting', saying you were so afraid of my voice I decided to be afraid of it too, to the uplifting and empowering sentiments around women in 'the healing', there are so many pieces of Milk And Honey that could have been lifted straight from the diaries of young women in their twenties everywhere.

The poems range from one line to two pages, with abstract drawings illustrating the pain and the love behind each one. They discuss heartbreak, abuse, loneliness, friendship, true love, sexuality... topics on the tip of the tongue of each reader, I challenge you to try to not feel completely understood within the pages of this.

Some have been sceptical of Kaur's style, stating that whilst she writes about abuse she has not experienced this herself, capitalising her success on a fictional abuse struggle. However vague she has been with this aspect, you cannot deny that her words don't affect you, leaving you unable sometimes to carry on beyond a slightly teary eye... (just me?!)

Kaur is set to release her newest anthology of poems later this year, and I hope it mirrors the truth, honesty and sheer emotion evoked within 'Milk And Honey'. Each page has been papered across Instagram thousands of times, connecting with girls in bedrooms all over the world. I challenge you to not finish in one, emotional sitting.

Read if you...

Want something epic to Instagram, fancy a bit of a cry after a break up, EVER been heartbroken, want to feel inspired and completely understood. Oh, and it's a great alternative to a cheap and tacky rom com.


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